Heart of BBN: Michelle

Photo by Michael Huang
Story by BBN

“This photo of me at the opening game of the 2013 UK football season changed my life!

Earlier that summer, a friend of mine called me to meet him and some of his friends at Thursday Night Live. Not usually my scene, I was hesitant to go but I decided to go down because it was a beautiful day.  I met up with him, and he introduced me to his friend, Dr. Michael Huang. Michael was very nice, and he bought me a drink and we watched Nerlens Noel get drafted by the 76ers on the TV in Skybar.  I was leaving for vacation  the next morning, so I called it a night early, but we exchanged numbers.  Because we both had busy lives, we never reconnected over the summer.

Flash forward to football season, and I’m sitting with my parents at the game.  I look down at the field and see this Chinese guy with a big camera on the sidelines.  I tell my mom, “I think that’s the guy I met this summer who I thought was nice.”  She says, “You’re crazy.  I thought you said he was a doctor.”  I had no idea he was a photographer too, so I texted him and asked if he was on the field with a camera.  A few minutes later he texted back and asked where my seat was.  After I responded, I got a text that said, “Stand up.”

So he takes this picture of me and later that night he tags me on Facebook.  My phone starts lighting up like a Christmas tree,  All of my friends are “liking” the picture and commenting on it…it’s pretty much going viral.  It’s one of my all-time favorite photos of me ever taken. So I call him to thank him for taking the time to take it and share it.  I tell him I owe him dinner.

We meet for dinner a few nights later and really hit it off.  The rest is history.  I found my husband because of a picture he took of me at a UK football game!”

If Dr. Mike has taken your photo (or you want him to take your photo) and you have a Heart of BBN story to tell, please contact him through this site or email him at heartofbbn@gmail.com

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  1. That is a great entry and answered a question I had often pondered.



  2. I love this!!!! Such a great idea to tell stories with the Kentucky pics from ballgames.



  3. This is such a sweet story! I love it!



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