Heart of BBN: Gabriel

photos by Dr. Michael Huang
story by Big Blue Nation


Thanks to Darrell Bird and the Cats Pause for the special commemorative cover.

The greatest blessing of my life occurred on November 16, 2015 when my son Gabriel was born into the world and joined the Big Blue Nation.  Having not been present during my stepson Grayson’s formative years, I’ve had to spend every single day of the past three years living with a Florida Gators’ fan.  So this time, with Gabriel, I’ve painstakingly made sure that he will grow up to become a true blue Kentucky fan.  The photos above from the day he was born show his true allegiance.  He was one day old when he watched Tyler Ulis score 18 points and dish out 6 assists on the TV in the hospital as UK beat Duke 74-63 in the Champions Classic. He cheered for the Cats from his crib.  I know it, I heard him. He also cried every time a Duke player flopped.

He was a fan even before he was born.  He was undoubtedly conceived in Nashville during the 2015 Men’s SEC Basketball Tournament. He went to his first game in Rupp Arena in utero. Mom says he was kicking and punching wildly when the Cats were running and gunning.


Ten days before his birth, Gabriel enjoys the game with friends from inside his mother’s womb.  Never mind my brother.

He has been surrounded by Wildcat love from family and friends from the beginning.


Gabriel’s grandfather taught me to love UK too.  I remember huddling around the radio as a family listening to Cawood Ledford call all the games, as very few were broadcast live on TV at that time.  I would keep stats on notebook paper.

He made it to a UK game in person as a live human being for the first time on February 6, 2016 to watch his beloved Cats stomp Florida 80-61. Take that big brother Grayson!  He was quickly elected to his first term as Mayor of Rupp Arena.



They just love him and think he’s so cute. And Gabriel too.


Thanks to Tammie Brown for the photo.




But he’s not just a basketball fan.  Gabriel loves football, and he especially loves to tailgate.


And he’s a big Stoops fan. And the Stoops are big fans of him.



I’d say Gabriel’s been taught well from the beginning.


He’s really enjoying his second term as Mayor of Rupp Arena.


Even Dickie V is a fan.gdv

He’s been trying to get his cousin Lachlan excited about the Wildcats.bbn--2

And perhaps best of all, he hates the Gators.eclipse-

I’d say it’s a great beginning to a life-long love affair between Gabriel and the Big Blue Nation.

If I’ve taken your photo and you want to tell your story please email me at heartofbbn@gmail.com or contact me through this site.


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