Photographs by Dr. Michael Huang. Stories by Big Blue Nation.


Well, I’ve finally done it and started a blog.

I’m Michael Huang, and I’m a photographer, a physician and a father (not necessarily in that order). For the better part of the past decade, I’ve been blessed to photograph University of Kentucky Athletics as a freelance photographer for various media outlets including Tops in Lexington, the Cats Pause and Kentucky Sports Radio. I have literally taken thousands of photos of the greatest fans in the world, the Big Blue Nation.  I want to give back to the BBN and share photographs of the fans, complete with stories of their love of the Cats in their own words.

My first posts have featured my beautiful wife Michelle and my son Gabriel (click on the links to read). You can thank Michelle for allowing me to have a full-time job AND go to all the games to shoot my beloved Cats). But it’s time for me to start featuring all of BBN, not just my family, no matter how cute we are.


Your story doesn’t have to be long.  Sometimes shorter is better, like this one. I envision the stories being a mix of funny, emotional and just plain interesting.  But I need your help. I’d love for all of Big Blue Nation to start sharing this website so we can all enjoy portraits of the real fans, together with their narratives.  Please help me out and send me your stories.  Find me at the games.  I’ll take your picture, and you can create the narration.  So if I’ve already taken your photo at a UK game or event, and you have a good story to tell, please contact me at or contact me through this site. If I haven’t taken your photo yet, find me at the game or let me know where you are going to be.  Thanks for your help! I can’t wait help chronicle your love for the Cats. GO BIG BLUE!




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