Heart of BBN: The coolest thing that happened to me at UK

Photos by Michael Huang.
Stories by Big Blue Nation.


“My time at UK was amazing.  I camped out for Big Blue Madness tickets, lined up super early at Rupp for front row of the E-zone, and painted up for basketball, football, soccer, women’s basketball and gymnastics!

But the coolest part was that I met my wife there.  And that’s not even the best part.  I’m from eastern Kentucky and she’s from western Kentucky.  We met during our sophomore year at the Christian Student Fellowship on campus.  Her parents also met at CSF at UK, and her mom was from eastern Kentucky and her dad was from western Kentucky.  Before that, her grandparents met at CSF at UK, and her grandpa was from eastern Kentucky and her grandma was from western Kentucky.  That’s 3 generations of eastern and western Kentucky meeting at CSF at UK and getting married!  What are the chances of that? Go Big Blue!”


Thanks to Nathan, a 2015 graduate of UK, for submitting his story for the Heart of Big Blue Nation series.  He and his wife Lauren now reside in Louisville and bleed blue despite being surrounded by Cardinal fans.  I remember him well from all the photos I took of him in the front row.  I think he even let me borrow his mask at Big Blue Madness and he snapped this picture of me with my camera:


If I’ve taken your picture (or you’d like me to) and you have a Big Blue tale to tell, please email me at heartofbbn@gmail.com or contact me through this site.



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