Heart of BBN: Mom’s 1st Game

Photos by Michael Huang.
Stories by Big Blue Nation.

“We celebrated my mother’s 85th birthday on November 23, 2011 by taking her to her first ever UK basketball game.  The Wildcat even came over to wish her a Happy Birthday! It completely put a check mark on her bucket list!!!”


I was happy to catch this moment in Rupp Arena for my friend Susan. A year later at the Champions Classic in Chicago, I found her again with her husband Bud.


“We were having a great time in anticipation of a big Wildcat win, and we were so surprised to see you that night!  I think it is one of the best shots of Bud.  Sadly, Michigan State beat us, but I still love this photo.”

I’m telling the stories of  Big Blue Nation through my photos and your words, one fan at a time.  Thanks to Susan for sending me hers! If there’s a favorite photo of you that I’ve taken, send me your stories at heartofbbn@gmail.com or contact me through this site.  Otherwise, find me at the next game!


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