Dr. Michael Huang Photography: Large Format Printing Services for Photographers

It’s such a shame that so many photographers only see their work on a computer screen and not enlarged, proudly hung up on their wall. I’ve always been excited to print out my pictures in a large format. For years, I ordered 24×36 canvas prints from Shutterfly, or Sam’s Club or websites such as Easy Canvas Prints, as I’ve always loved to have my work displayed on my wall, or even better yet, on somebody else’s wall who was excited to show off my photos.

Getting a Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-4000S large format printer honestly changed the game for me. The ability to produce my own canvas prints and posters has been an absolute joy. Being able to shoot a wedding and then present the happy couple with a large print a day or two after the ceremony, print out posters of children in their athletic endeavors for friends and family, and being able to produce art to be displayed in others’ homes and offices is truly satisfying.

Printing out the photo on canvas, then wrapping it around a wood frame.
After this year’s Kentucky Derby, fellow photographer Mike Cyrus and I were ecstatic to see our photo as a 24×60 inch canvas print, now proudly displayed at my office.

Not only is it gratifying to see your work displayed, but certainly the opportunity exists to earn more income by capitalizing on your talent. Don’t just let your work sit idly on somebody’s phone or computer screen when you can offer them pieces of art that will become treasured. family heirlooms. By adding an option to order large format prints to your family, senior, engagement, event, or wedding packages, you can increase your income and your clients’ satisfaction with very little extra work, other than sending me the file.

What athlete’s family wouldn’t want a huge poster that peels off and sticks to the wall without damaging the paint? Here my son Gabriel displays a poster of his cousin Aziel.
If you aren’t offering these types of prints to your clients (like my friend Keni Parks did for the Halls), not only are your customers missing out on treasured memories for them to display, but you’re missing out on a chance to earn free money.
I presented this framed 24×36 print to my friends Walter and Maggie Smith a few days after their wedding
And canvas prints always much a great birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas or anniversary present!

But for me, I find the greatest joy in creating art, finding an image that will be striking when displayed. I’m excited to participate in my first art fair in a few weeks, Arts on the Green in Crestwood, KY June 11-12, 2022. Having this printer and being able to print out beautiful pieces of art at an affordable price makes me extremely excited to participate, and hopefully sell some of my favorites. I particularly enjoy producing multi-piece artwork that truly makes a statement.

Reach out to me for pricing details, but I can guarantee you that you will get high quality prints from a photographer that understands print making, and I can help with sizing and choosing the right aspect ratio. The cost will be affordable, and you can easily upcharge or even double the cost for your clients and still be offering them great quality for the money. I can generally have your prints or canvases ready in a few days, and the quality is amazing, much better than what I was getting through the online printing services in the past. For example, a 16×20 print on high quality satin photo paper is $20, and a ready to hang 16x20x1.5 inch canvas print stretched across a wood frame would be $60 (and you could easily charge your clients $40 for the print or $120 for the canvas). Email me at heartofbbn@gmail.com for more details, the full pricing list, or any questions.

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