Heart of BBN: Priorities

“When I look at this picture of me with my daughter Katie, my mind flashes back to a quarter of a century earlier. It’s February 26, 1991 and Kentucky and Alabama are set to tip off in Rupp Arena. As Rick Pitino playfully mocks Alabama coach Wimp Sanderson by donning a blue plaid sport coat, I’m hunkered down 900 miles away. I’m cheering on my beloved Wildcats as my wife, Kanisa, struggles alone through labor at Ft. Polk Army Hospital.
Forget about all the Lamaze breathing exercises, the back massages, and the relaxation techniques that we had so diligently rehearsed. All I remember is praying like crazy that this kid would hold off for just a couple more hours until the game concluded. So on the biggest day of our life together– when my wife needed me the most—I’m glued to the hospital waiting room TV watching a meaningless SEC basketball mismatch.
In hindsight, I’m not exactly proud of what I did, and Kanisa still holds it against me to this very day. But it’s all just a part of the misguided priorities in being a rabid Big Blue fan. Plus, as you can see, Katie turned out fine. And Kentucky won that night, so what’s the big deal? Go Cats!”

My brother John is a retired orthodontist and writes about UK sports among other musings on his blog huangswhinings.com.  His daughter Katie lives in L.A. and has an online boutique Shady’s closet.

Now that I’ve gotten family out of the way, Heart of BBN needs to tell your story.  If I’ve taken your photo at a UK game (or you want me to take oneat an upcoming game), send me your story at heartofbbn@gmail.com or contact me through this site.

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